The Heart of a Man

Recently, Abe Low, a writer for, a left-leaning online publication (to put it as politely as possible) wrote the following article.  “My liberal white male rage:  What should I do about it?” Take a moment to peruse this masterpiece.  We’ll wait.

The conservative Twitterverse responded much as one might expect.  You’ll enjoy these as well.

Low can’t seem to reconcile his own liberal self-righteousness with his violent fantasies.  He thinks that only the alt-right and neo-Nazis are violent.  On the very surface that is a ridiculous concept since most violence is perpetrated by leftist hate groups and in anti-gun bastions of liberalism.  Their “tolerance” is so intolerant that it’s farcical.  Even Antifa (for those of you hiding under a rock, Antifa is an abbreviation for “anti-fascists”) is using violent techniques in an attempt to dictate their view of the world on others—the very definition of fascism!

But what is really going on in this poor misguided guy’s heart?  The answer almost leaps off the page.  Even though he and I may disagree on virtually every political, social, and moral point of the compass, Low carries within him the heart of a man–the same as every man.  He wants three things—a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.  (John Eldredge:  Wild at Heart)  All three elements are actually found in his very first fantasy.  He fantasizes of rescuing a female teacher at an all-girls school from a campus intruder.  There it is!  Battle, Adventure, Rescue.

Even the most liberal-minded have written on their hearts in the truest essence of their being, God’s design for a man.

Unfortunately, Low denies his very masculinity by asking if he is “a solution or part of the problem”.  Low seems to think that all masculinity is “toxic”.  He even attends an anti-racist/anti-sexist white male group where he must “check-in” like he’s at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.   He “confesses” his fantasies to his white liberal brothers and finds them nodding in agreement, leaning forward, getting red in the face, etc.  Wow.  Who would have believed it?  Men long to be—well–MEN!

Low eventually asks the question, “So what to do with this conflicted rage?  Can it be made useful for a movement, or is it inherently self-centered and destructive?”

To quote a President:  “Sad.”

Low doesn’t understand that his rage was meant, designed, created, instilled by the creator of the universe for something far greater than he has ever imagined.  One of the greatest honors of being a man is our God-given desire to change the world around us.  We long to build an empire, to rule a kingdom, to affect the lives of others, to help those in need.  These desires are all good and righteous. These desires are why men run for President.  This innate characteristic of masculinity is why people defend their country.  This is why we marry and have children.  This was the impetus for the brave signers of the Declaration of Independence who mutually pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor!  Men were created for this very thing—to fight against evil, to rule and create a better world, to rescue those in need!

Low asks if his rage can be “useful”.  Oh, how little he understands.

Finally, I leave you with two pictures.  One a drawing that accompanied Low’s tweet, the other a picture taken during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Which man would you rather be?


Jeff Cooper