God’s Faithfulness




To say it’s been a rough two weeks is an understatement. There’s nothing quite like a little work stress to drive you to pray and talk to Jesus.

This morning during my prayer time, I decided to reread the last two weeks of my journal.  When I pray, I write it down.  I used to send telegrams to heaven, but as I’ve learned to have a conversational walk with Jesus over the last 15 years, I write it all down.  I write down my worship, my requests, my needs and I record anything Jesus has to say to me in response.  This morning as I read through just two weeks of prayers, I was struck by how faithful Jesus is and how he answers prayer in ways you may not have anticipated.  Here’s this morning’s first paragraph.

Jesus, as I read back over your words from the past two weeks, I am struck by your utter and complete faithfulness.  It is truly your nature to love me and to be true in all that you do and are.  It strikes me that in the original language—your language of creation—that “do” and “are” are the same concept.  When one is outside time and space then there is no separation between “doing” which implies the passage of time and “being” which does not imply the passage of time.  Jesus, now I am thinking like a Syfy writer!

OK, I may have laughed out loud when I wrote that last line!  Maybe I read too much Syfy and too many physics articles but the fact remains God is faithful.  Is faithfulness a character quality?  In other words is faithfulness something God is?  Absolutely, but faithfulness is also something God does.  So God is faithful because he does faithful or maybe he does faithful because he is faithful.  Both are true.  Being and Doing are inseparable for the Almighty.

A bush burns (does) but is not consumed (is).

I am who I am.

God, being outside time, never changes.


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